Thursday, June 24, 2010

Calgary Perennial Garden in June

What's out and about in a Calgary garden? My tulips are just finishing their show, and I'll have to split them this fall. Moss phlox has been on show for over a month. Bleeding hearts are just popping the first of thousands of those beautiful drops. Mayday, crabapple, plum and chokecherry are done, their last fragrant wisps have left my backyard. Lilacs are fading, but their scent is still strong. and this week my globeflowers exploded in yellow as well. Dianthus, a biannual, are on their 3rd season and I even split some clumps this year. Front yard bigroot geraniums are peeking out a few flowers but the backyard ones are a few weeks behind. One lonely purple tongued bearded iris has flowered in a pot.

Anticipation is building as my lupins have beautiful heads about to pop. Peonies have formed buds and the ants are marching up and down. Still shooting upwards are the delphiniums, yarrow, shasta daisies, meadowsweet, sedums, poppies...hmmm what else do I have back there?? Beebalm, daylilies, lilies, hollyhocks, more irises, wild rose, david garden phlox....all these grow really well in my new neighborhood soil.

What is struggling are mock orange, hydrangea, regular apple trees. And surprisingly my hostas are just peeking out of the's almost July! I can't recall if this is normal, but now that I've blogged it out, I'll know for next year! I know that I was impressed with the spread of the hostas sometime last August.

I am sad though as it appears I killed a few rows of my vegetable garden by putting mushroom compost a little too thickly as topdressing. My carrots, lettuce, green onion, and some peas have yet to poke their heads thru and it's been 5.5 weeks since planting. Beets, spinach, sunflower, potatoes, beans and some peas are a few inches tall. Yum!

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