Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Why I love cloth diapers

This has been my favorite topic since DS was born 6 m ago and noone - NOONE - i know shares my passion. Hubs makes fun of me continually as I could discuss the merits of cloth diapers for hours so here it is people - my favorite cloth diapers:
  1. . Snazzy Minky AIO by KuWaii: available online via ebay (where I bought mine for about $7 each) or direct from importer at See what I mean, I sound like she pays me to advertize for her but I searched and searched and searched for a reasonably priced super cute microfiber fill diaper and this is where I found them! I bought 12 5 months ago and still love them - my 6 m old looks so cute in all the patterns! But now after 5 months, I'm looking to upgrade the inserts to bamboo for the nightime big wettin' as he's a little wet after 12 hr sleep.
  2. Okay, that my only favorite, the others I have 1 or 2 each and am not sooo in love with as follows:
  3. MonkeyDoodlz AIO: sizing is small, but fit is snug and trim. Solid colors are boring compared to snazzy minky.
  4. Another ebay buy at $4.50 each are Beileson (or something like that) direct from China. These do the job, but are leaky at sides and more industrial than cute!
  5. Happy Heinies Sherpa - didn't really hold alot of moisture when used with a cover, but when used without a cover (on a warm day) worked great! They fit small so beware if you have a jumbo child like mine!
  6. I even sewed a few of my own, but never found a free pattern that made sense or worked, and after factoring in the costs, found it cheaper to buy them.
If I didn't have a rockin' job to go back to after mat leave - I'd be importing cloth diapers. Everytime I change him, I feel like I'm doing something good for the planet, and he looks so damn cute. As for my naysayer friends who deem cloth to be too much work, it just makes me feel like even more of a supermom. Okay, well baby is awake and demanding attention so off I go!

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