Thursday, June 24, 2010

Update on Kuwaii cloth diapers....kill that smell please!

so after raving for months and months, I unhappily noticed something awful about my precious diapers. They were really starting to stink! with the warmer weather, my laundry room was a cesspool if I didn't wash daily. The smell continued to get worse. I tried sunning them. I tried hot water washes. Then one day I recognized the smell....chicken coop. Ammonia. My diapers were reeking of ammonia. I remembered one lady telling me her poor baby's penis was bleeding from ammonia levels in his pee being too high. I began to watch for signs of illness in my Peanut Butter baby. I began to search ebay for new diaper inserts, thinking maybe I'd try bamboo or hemp to compare the difference vs. microfibre.

Then I googled "Ammonia cloth diaper" and all was illuminated! Turns out detergents build up on diapers, especially my favorite microfiber filled Kuwaii's. And blog after blog said that Rockin Green diaper detergent was a kick ass way to kill that ammonia smell fast. So off to the Rockin Green site, and I found a retailer right here in town! She dropped off the detergent the same day and my testing began with the 1 hr soak. Didn't work. Too much detergent and diapers still smell like a chicken coop! Soaked the other half of my stash overnight and BAM! the smell is gone!

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