Thursday, June 10, 2010

volunteering & I found a Nanny!

so i'm coordinating a bbq for 3500 people for my son's soccer team. Sounds like fun right? It's not as much work as I thought, but still no picnic, considering I'm trying to get a big chunk done the night before vacation. I'm stressin'...the glass of wine is helping but I'm still stressing. On a positive note, I have hired a nanny to come from overseas once I return to work. I cannot tell you how much this has weighed on both me and Hubs, as we had stay at home moms. Aren't nannies for the super rich elitist snobs? ahem, nope!

For about $50 more per month, we will have a very sweet lady living in our basement as compared to a dayhome down the street and about $300 per month less than institutional daycare. So now we're the people who pay someone else to raise their child. Not sure how I feel about that statement, as it's just so damn negative. Is this sweet lady going to be 'raising my child'? For my own sanity I have to say no, but maybe just a tad? An inch or so of raising? Where are the peer reviewed studies that show the differences between kids of working moms vs stay at home moms? stay tuned for how this nanny situation works out.

I remember being little to a certain degree. My amazing mother did not spend all day coddling us and teaching us craft skills. She was way too busy for that! There were cows to milk, pigs to feed, gardening to do, and 3 siblings kicking around. Most of the time she shooed us outside or put us to work on some project or another. We ate meals in front of the TV. We had no bedtimes, just fell asleep on the floor watching MASH. Starting at age 5, we had about an hours worth of work in the barns, although I'm not sure how helpful we were, at age 5. I can't give my kids that. And I have to remind myself wayyy to often that that's okay.

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